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Apply for Tax ID number online from the IRS. Get an EIN / Tax ID number by completing this easy, online, step-by-step application. After step 3, you will instantly receive an email containing your EIN / Tax ID Number. You will also receive a printable PDF copy of your SS-4 form.

Select Your Entity Type

Sole Proprietor / Individual
A sole proprietor is one individual who owns a company that is not incorporated or registered with the state as a limited liability company (LLC). Sole proprietors may or may not have employees. Online, secure, tax ID number ordering.
An unincorporated organization with two or more members is generally classified as a partnership for federal tax purposes if its members carry on a trade, business, financial operation, or venture and divide its profits. However, a joint undertaking merely to share expenses is not a partnership. For example, co-ownership of property maintained and rented or leased is not a partnership unless the co-owners provide services to the tenants. Federal Tax ID Number (FEIN) Online.
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
A limited liability company (LLC) is a structure allowed by state statute and is formed by filing articles of organization with the state. LLC Tax ID / LLC EIN Tax ID Number
A trust is a legal entity that is created under state law and is taxed under federal law. The trust can be created to perform one act or a series of acts. Complete our online tax id number application (IRS 2016/2017).
Church Controlled Organization
A church-controlled organization is a branch of a church, including a men's or women's group, a religious school, a mission society, or a youth group. Tax ID Number (TIN) / Employer Ientification Number (EIN Number)
Other / Non-Profit
Non-profit organizations include corporations, trusts, limited liability companies, and unincorporated associations that qualify for tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 501(a) as described in Publication 557 (Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization). This list is not all-inclusive.

Register for Tax ID Number (TIN).
Personal Service Corporation
A personal service corporation is a person or group of people who establish a legal entity by filing articles of incorporation with the state's secretary of state granting it certain legal powers, rights, privileges, and liabilities. A personal service corporation is an organization in which the activity involves the performance of services in the field of health, law, engineering, architecture, accounting, actuarial science, performing arts, or consulting.

Apply for FEIN / TIN / Tax ID Number from the IRS.
A corporation is a legal entity established by a charter granting it certain legal powers, rights, privileges, and liabilities. A corporation can be established by a person or group of people with a charter from the state's secretary of state. After a corporation is created, it becomes its own entity and generally has an indefinite lifespan. File IRS Tax ID Number online.
S Corporation
A corporation is a person or group of people who establish a legal entity by filing articles of incorporation with the state's secretary of state granting it certain legal powers, rights, privileges, and liabilities. An S corporation is an eligible domestic corporation that wants to avoid double taxation (once to the shareholders and again to the corporation) by electing this status using Form 2553 (Election by a Small Business Corporation). enerally, an S corporation is exempt from federal income tax other than tax on certain capital gains and passive income. An S corporation is not a sole proprietor or partnership. Get your Tax ID online instantly.
An estate (or decedent estate) or succession is a legal entity created as a result of a person's death. The estate consists of the real estate and/or personal property of the deceased person. The estate pays any debts owed by the decedent, and distributes the balance of the estate's assets to the beneficiaries of the estat Secure, easy, fast, online Tax ID Number application.

Apply for Tax ID

How to apply for a Tax ID Number

You can obtain your IRS Tax ID Number online. Select your entity type from above, answer the questions asked on the form, verify and submit your information. You SS-4 form will then be processed and emailed to you.

The tax identification number is also referred to as an EIN. Do you want the best tips on how to apply for tax ID? Well, the tax ID or an employer identification number remains a special set of 9 digit numbers allocated by a government agency. It is a special set of numbers that the IRS provides to businesses in a time of need. The tax returns of a business can be simply tracked by using the EIN. The EIN is typically assigned to companies and can be similar to the SSN for individuals. When the Internal Revenue Service wants to determine, check or track an organization's tax activities, the tax ID number is the primary item to use All businesses such as limited liability corporations, sole proprietors, corporations, and partnerships are needed to process and have a tax ID number.

There is just one business category that does not require a tax ID number. If a sole proprietor doesn't have any workers and cannot exercise tax or file pension, an EIN is not required for such category. In the United States of America, non-business categories such as churches, community sports teams, estates, scholarship funds, nonprofit organizations and volunteer groups are as well not expected to get an EIN. Apart from the above category, other people are expected to have a tax ID especially if they have workers in their living domicile. If you have people working in your home, drivers, housekeepers and babysitters, you will need a tax ID number for them. Read on to discover three effective tips on how to apply for tax identification number online.

Apply for Tax ID

Tip 1:
Applying for the EIN or the tax ID number should not be a big deal. When a business status needs replacement or change, it is expedient to have a new EIN. A tax ID number is necessary when you plan to change the status of your business from a sole proprietor to a corporation.
Tip 2:
If you are having a hard time on the entire process or do not have time to carry out the procedure yourself, simply hire an EIN service. The entire application for your tax ID number will be handled by the hired service. One important thing to know is that using professional EIN services will help you get your tax ID number quickly. You do not need to worry because your life will become easier. This will also help you enjoy your business and personal life without any stress.
Tip 3:
Another quick way on how to apply for tax ID number is by doing it on the internet or online. The internet approach remains an interview type idea. You will have to fill in all the required details online without sending any information to a physical address. You will get the tax ID number during the online application after any information to a physical address. You will get the tax ID number during the online application after verifying and confirming all the entered information.
With the an IRS EIN number, you will get more benefits than businesses that don't have any When journeying into the business world, the tax ID number will provide you with a safe trip. You can simply follow the tips in this article to secure your own EIN today.